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VIVATALENTA - use for free!

§ 1 Conclusion of the contract, changes to the Terms

1.1 These Terms of Use govern the contractual relationship between the provider of community VIVATALENTA (hereinafter Seller) and the user.

1.2 When completing the registration process for the community, the user makes an offer to enter into a contract on the basis of these terms and conditions. Upon activation, the user account by the seller takes this to the offer to enter into a contract.

1.3 Any conflicting or deviating from these Terms and Conditions of the user are recognized in doubt only by a written confirmation from the supplier.

1.4 VIVATALENTA may revise these terms and conditions from time-to-time. Revised terms and conditions will apply to the use of this website from the date of the publication of the revised terms and conditions on this website. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with the current version.

§ 2 Purpose of use agreement

2.1 The license agreement is to provide a globally accessible community by the provider. The community is dedicated to the following listing: talent.

2.2 The community provides the user with the following useful options:

    Applying a custom profile for the person that the other registered users, and the public is with the consent of the Internet user accessible.

    Upload their own content and content management to the user account

    Contact other users, manage contact information.

    Confirmation and rejection of contact requests of other users.

    Send and receive messages to and from other users.

    Creation of posts in different categories to the respective subject area.

2.3 The specific graphical and functional design of the contractual use options which enhancement for users with additional features are at the discretion of the provider. The provider is maintaining the contractual use possibilities, any time, to modify the specific configuration and adapt.

§ 3 registration, user account, use of passwords

3.1 The use of the community is reserved for natural or legal persons. The registration of a legal entity may only be made by a duly authorized officer.

3.2 A Registration on and is authorized only for persons which the 14th Years of age.

3.3 The user is obliged to make under the provisions of the registration form to provide truthful and complete information about himself and his data is always up to date.

3.4 The user is obliged to keep the password secret, secure and safe from third parties not to disclose them. If the password is known to third parties, so the user has the seller shall immediately inform in writing by email or so locked in the old password and a new password will be assigned. The user is not entitled to charge his user account to third parties. The user acknowledges that it is responsible for the actions of a third party, which he puts his user account under full.

3.5 VIVATALENTA checks no jobs and no emails. VIVATALENTA guarantee in any way the accuracy and honesty of the job offers and messages. VIVATALENTA assumes no liability for any damages or costs arising from the contact within VIVATALENTA.

3.6 Vivatalenta reserve the right to delete members who have not logged into Vivatalenta for three months.

§ 4 General obligations of the user

4.1 The user may not use vendor-supplied uses only within the contractually stipulated purpose. Any use beyond this earmarking abuse is explicitly forbidden, including particularly the following actions:

    systematic reading of the contact details of other users for the purpose of disclosure to third parties;

    undue harassment of other users by aggressive, obscene, libelous, slanderous or intrusive postings or messages;

    undue harassment of other users through the mass-sending of unsolicited advertising;

    extensive or permanent use of the community for the publication and distribution of content, the objective does not meet the purpose or theme of the community and which may affect the attractiveness of the community to other users;

    any measures that result in excessive system loads or system failures;

    the benefit of other identities for the registration, incorporation of contributions or sending messages.

4.2 Each of the aforementioned breaches of duty entitles the supplier to immediately terminate the license agreement and disabling user accounts. In addition, the vendor is entitled to refuse the activation of a new account for this user for the duration of one year from the termination.

4.3 statements and comments within the community to the rules of a polite and respectful treatment follow each other. Reviews and opinions expressed should be expressed constructively and must.

§ 5 Obligations of the user with respect to the set contents

5.1 The user shall ensure that he through the placement of content (text, images, photos, videos, names, brands, etc..) No third-party rights (eg copyright infringement, violations of personality rights, competition injuries).

5.2 The User shall indemnify the Supplier against all claims of third parties, which they claim in respect of any infringement committed by him and he is responsible infringement against the supplier. The user does not assume any necessary legal defense costs.

5.3 The vendor is entitled to delete the content posted by users on or off, if they violate the rights of others or make others because of an infringement claims, the merits can not be excluded obviously.

5.4 of the provider receives from a possible violation of law by the user's content knowledge, it is the users do this without delay in text message.

5.5 Public posts, images and videos can VIVATALENTA use for their own sites ( and with a link to the profile. We share posts, pictures and videos from our members (with public setting) in other social networks (for example Facebook) as link.

§ 6 Termination and deletion of user accounts

6.1 The User is entitled to terminate the contract with the seller at any time without giving any reason and without notice. The notice must be in writing or may be declared implicitly by disabling the user's account. In case of termination the user's profile is deleted.

§ 7 Liability

7.1 Claims for damages against VIVATALENTA are excluded, unless VIVATALENTA, its legal representatives or vicarious agents have acted with intent or gross negligence.

For slight negligence of the supplier shall be liable only in accordance with the product liability law, for injury to life, limb or health or for the breach of contract. The claim for damages for the negligent breach of fundamental contractual obligations is limited to the typical, foreseeable damage if there is no liability for injury to life, limb or health. For the negligence of agents and representatives of the supplier is liable to the same extent.

7.2 The provision of the preceding § 7.1 applies to compensation in addition to performance, the damages instead of performance and the claim for wasted expenses, regardless of the legal grounds, including the liability for defects, delay or impossibility.

§ 8 Final Provisions

8.1 It is only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany under exclusion of international private law and the CISG. This does not include claims in the field of intellectual property and copyright.

8.2 The possible invalidity of any provision of these Terms does the effectiveness of the Terms remain unaffected.

8.3 For the determination of jurisdiction shall:

If the user has no general jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Germany is the domicile of the provider. The provider can sue the user at his own venue.